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How to compile and install plugins



You needn't the GenDoc source but you need ANT to compile plugins. It is integrate in many IDE like Netbeans


Run GenDoc at least one time

All plugin will be install in this version of GenDoc

When GenDoc is run, it's update ~/.GenDoc/ which contains where is GenDoc


Run ANT project build/build.xml

All .class of plugin will be store in the directory of build.xml. This ANT project file can be where you want

With command line :

ant configure

When this project is run, it's create ~/.GenDoc/ which contains where is this project


You are ready to compile and install plugins

Each plugin contains an ANT project file call with the name of the plugin, run it with task "install.local" : it will compiled the plugin, and install it in the version GenDoc you choose in 2

For example, with gendiapo plugin :

ant -f gendiapo.xml install.local