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GenDoc is a XML Editor written in Java2. It is based on a existing project (MerlotXML), and can use two kinds of plugins (DTD and/or action). The DTD plugin can be used to customize the editor for a DTD, and an action plugin can be used to publish documents in HTML or PDF format. The editor is composed of 3 views: tree view, attribute view for current element, and a "styled view". The aim of styled view is to show the document with a visual aspect.

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Current version : 1.0-beta5


The project is developed in the ARCADE team of the CLIPS research laboratory of the Université Joseph Fourier of Grenoble. It's managed by DAVID Jean Pierre


European Foundation ARIADNE
This product includes software developed by ChannelPoint, Inc. for use in the Merlot XML Editor (now Xerlin)

Development team

FLAMENT Alexandre, GUILLOUX Cecile
QUAY-THEVENON Christophe for 2001 year


GPL : General Public License